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Leo and water don't go together

As this is my last blog entry for this project I'm going to try reader, and work on things I did not focus on in my previous entry's. Take note of the word 'try'. As I have around 13 days of school left and library books are due in two days I get to focus on the books I have not read that have collected dust for months at a time. You know when you buy a book and think 'yea I'd read this' and the cheap price at the garage sale you found it out closes the deal but deep down you know it might take years before you sit down and read it? No? Very well, putting that aside lately I have found myself making a list in my head of books I want to read over the summer. Because I'm focusing on glowing up mentally right now and there's no better place to start than acclaimed literature.

Although I did review a passage from Othello by William Shakespeare and claimed it as my AP book there were still books on the AP list I have wanted to read to for years. For exam…

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