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Thrift Shopping and The Sorrow Across Generations

A hobby I've frequently enjoyed for years now is thrift shopping.  Whether it be used toys, back to school clothes, and even, books. Recently, one of the books I found happened to be a hardcover copy of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The soft blue design had that vintage look that I admire in classical literature novels. The book stayed on shelf for three months, until I saw the AP reading list. I decided that if I already owned the book I might as well read it. So I have been for around the past three week, I'm currently on chapter 34 of the book and throughout reading it on days I don't have APLAC I try to do my best to take time out and read at least 20 minutes.

Wuthering Heights takes place over a time period of multiple generations and repeats common human themes of love, hate, revenge, and forgiveness. But a societal theme that I think greatly affects  the two generations throughout the novel is social class and how that affects character interaction between char…

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