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Innocence is bliss, Innocence is a virtue

Although I have always been interested in reading, stemming all the way back to my mom having me use Hooked On Phonics when I was four, I've still found it hard to consistently read on a schedule. I don't hate reading, just that in an increasing technological world it's easy to get distracted when you put down your phone to read a paper back book. I usually read during class as well as before I go to bed, although the latter is more rare for me. Yet still in the past month I've gotten up to page 157 and been able to finish the first half (book one) of F. Scott Fitzgerald's book Tender is the Night. Before starting this book I read  Wuthering Heights, of which I wrote a blog about previously.

Tender Is The Night
is a book chronicling the story of Dick and Nicole Diver, though the first book of the novel is chronicled by Rosemary Hoyt, a 17 year old actress who had just met the couple at a quiet French Hotel, Rosemary makes an excellent narrative for what I believe is…

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