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Good vs. Evil? More like Good OR Evil

I had heard about A ClockWork Orange through my love for critically acclaimed movies. I had only ever watched little snip its from the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and they interested me a lot even if i had no idea what the movie or book by Anthony Burgess was about. Although I did have somewhat of an idea, four criminals running a muck across England in a slightly dystopian future, the main villain being sent to a mental hospital (?) and being treated through questionable treatment methods. When I first read the preface for the novel it was clear this was even more 'risque' than I had first imagined. Since first starting the book I have read up to page 146 since starting the book about two weeks ago.

A common theme that I have noticed in A Clockwork Orange is honestly a tale as old as time, that being Good vs. Evil. But in this novel it is depicted in a more uncommon way. When discussing with his "droogs" his idea of good and bad Alex, our main character says,

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